Sam's goal is to support legislation that will help retain current businesses and jobs, as well as protect our present workforce. He will continue to advocate for paid job training, workforce development programs, and bringing jobs to Central New York. Good-paying jobs will help move our economy forward.


Public school educated, Sam understands the importance of a quality education and the need for students to have the necessary resources to compete in the job markets of tomorrow.

Sam’s decades-long commitment to advance public school education can be demonstrated in his NYS Assembly voting record. Sam will continue to work to ensure public schools and institutions that serve young people in New York empower students, treat them fairly and equally, and create safe environments for them to learn and grow.

To meet those goals, Sam supports equitable funding for schools to ensure
every student has access to resources to achieve their potential,
comprehensive sex education to teach students and young adults about
consent, access to health care, and abortion access. Sam supports
anti-bullying initiatives, advancing technology in schools, halting the
school to prison pipeline, and student loan reduction.


Sam believes it is vital to improve community policing, support our public safety agencies, and keep our neighborhoods safe. Sam supports the
checks and balances system of civilian oversight organizations such as Citizen Review Boards and initiatives that promote police accountability.

Rights of public safety don’t end at policing. Proven public safety measures include programs and second chance opportunities that include offering educational opportunities and after-school programs for the youth, programs for incarcerated people, and increasing integration programs for returning citizens.



All Americans should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. Now more than ever it's critical that we protect our seniors, children, women, and people with underlying health conditions. 

human rightS and economic justice

Sam has always taken a stand to protect human rights and in Congress he will continue the fight. He will continue to draft and support legislation that protects women's reproductive rights, LGBTQIA+ communities, and environmental rights. He will advocate for lowering federal interest rates to promote access to affordable housing and homeownership.


Conserving our environment has been a priority dating back to when Sam served in local government. Our environment and the need to address climate change truly matters to residents in our state, across our nation, and globally. Sam will continue to work to protect our environment and will advocate for environmental justice. 

Sam is proud to support federal and New York State environmental justice initiatives including Build Back Better, the New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.   

Campaign Office:

431 S. Warren Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

Mailing Address:

444 S. Salina Street #687

Syracuse, NY 13201


(315) 422-2022


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